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I’ve been with FITRx for 1 year this summer! It has become part of my life and added the piece I was missing and had been looking for. I am very health conscious and was feeling lost in finding a workout program and eating plan that was based on real and effective practices, something I could do long term and fit into my schedule.  

I discovered FITRx through friends that were in the program and found out that FITRx is all those things I was looking for and more! Coach Austan has created a community of the diverse women in the program and the environment promotes inclusion, inspiration, support and accountability. It’s a community of women that are making time for and putting themselves first and seeing incredible results. 

For me, I am feeling great, looking healthier and have much more strength and endurance. I move so much more freely and with comfort and my mind is clearer and happier. I LOVE the food plan; it is not a magic pill or drink, just real nutritious food…. YES! With an emphasis on regulating balance in the body that fuels it to perform well. I can actually say that I also LOVE the workouts…. something that didn’t happen right away although I did always appreciate them. I knew from workout number 1 that this was an effective program. It’s a no nonsense, kick you butt, work hard, sweat session. With the guidance of a well trained and knowledgeable coach. Austan is supportive and teaches you how to do all the exercises safely and effectively. When I walk out of one of her workouts I feel refreshed and strong.

My life is so much healthier and happier because of FITRx, it has allowed me to enjoy my life so much more and makes me so excited about my future. I have become a greater example for my children and even though I am a continual work in progress, I am so proud of myself and the better version of me I have become almost a year after adding FITRx into my life. Couldn’t live without it! Thank you Austan!


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