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FitRx has changed my life, in more way than I can count! It has benefited my mental health, my physical health, my relationship with food, my relationship with my family, and my friends.

I started my FitRx journey back in March 2018, I needed something that would help me push through my stagnant weight loss journey that I was doing at home. I was scared, I was worried that this would just be another “lose weight fast” scheme and that I would eventually just gain the weight back. I read the success other women were having and I decided to take the plunge!

Was it ever worth it! Austan has been incredible in every step of this journey – not just for me, but for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in this program who has wanted to make changes in their lives to better themselves. She recommends readings to help us understand why we crave the junk food, what it really does to our bodies, WHY the so-called “low fat” products are really just BS, and so much more!

I have learned so much about how food affects every single aspect of our bodies (mentally and physically) and I didn’t have to go to school! Austan does that for us, when she’s not busy teaching US, she’s going to school to learn how to constantly help this program evolve so we never have to hit that plateau (for too long anyways!).

Austan has also brought together an AMAZING group of women together to form our FitRx TRIBE – and it really is just that. We are a family, we all have similar goals, on the same journey one way or another, and we support each other in our online community and in the goal garage as well! Society always wants to pit women against each other but you won’t find that with FitRx. We lift each other up, support each other when we’re down, I have not found that sense of community anywhere else.

Now to me (lol) my original goal when I took the plunge to join FitRx was to get to AT LEAST my pre-pregnancy weight before trying for baby number 2…well, I started doing the program, was losing inches, feeling GREAT and then I got the “flu,” turns out, what I THOUGHT was the flu was actually morning sickness! So YAY for expecting number 2, but I was worried about gaining back the inches I just lost. Well here’s the thing, Austan doesn’t want you focusing on the numbers so I only thought I had lost 5 pounds MAX by the time I got pregnant; nope, turns out when I first got weighed at the doctor’s office (3 months after I started) I had lost around 30 POUNDS and WAS back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I almost cried with joy I was so surprised and SHOCKED! THIS PROGRAM WORKS!

After YEARS of trying different “fad diets” I have finally found a ‘diet’ that works! It’s REAL, DELICIOUS, SCRUMPTIOUS, HEALTHY FOOD! This program has made me excited about food, in a good way – I don’t fear food and/or have an unhealthy relationship with food. I no longer eat my feelings (as much, it’s still a battle BUT baby steps people!), and I get excited knowing that I am doing 100 times better this pregnancy than my last and I am not terrified of having to lose the baby weight.

I am so happy that I am finally starting to feel good in my clothes again, happy in my own skin. Clothes are starting to feel looser in the “troublesome” areas, I don’t fear shopping as much anymore. With me finally feeling better about myself, it has tremendously helped my relationship with my husband – I no longer roll my eyes at him when he says “you’re beautiful” because the first thought in my head is no longer “yeah right” but instead is “HELL YEAH!”

I could go on for AGES about all the magnificent things Austan and this amazing tribe of women have helped me accomplish, but I’ll leave that to you (whoever you may be on the internet) to find out for yourself all the amazing benefits this program and Austan have to offer. So don’t be scared, TAKE THAT PLUNGE – you will be so glad you did!


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