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Fifteen weeks ago I decided to start the FITRx with Austan Tait. I had been to my family doctor and was told for the first time that I was diabetic. My Glucose Fasting result was well over 9.7 when a normal reading is between 3.6 and 5.5 – a wake up call. It was time to make an intentional change in lifestyle. It’s confusing out there in the health and wellness world and I knew I needed sound structure as opposed to following one of the countless programs available today. One of the reasons it’s so hard to start changing your health is the confusion and quite often, mis-information. I trusted Austan as I knew her as a teenager when she was a dear friend of our daughter’s; I knew she had education herself and had years of experience in fitness and health; and I’d heard from another of our daughter’s friends who was in the FITRx program, that it was amazing. At registration, Austan strongly suggests you take your measurements before starting, so I did – not necessarily to share them, but to show yourself down the road the gains you’ve made.

In the two years leading up to FITRx, I lost both my parents and the years leading to that were no party. It was a ten year journey with my step-dad’s dementia – the last three he was in a community care home. Before that, he did not recognize my mom any longer which created huge issues for both of them. My mom who already had compromised health, became depressed, withdrew and stopped taking care of herself. It was a sad, challenging time for both of them and the rest of our family. I ran myself to the ground. Ultimately, my mom went first after many months of her own physical suffering. Less than a year later, my step-dad succumbed to the end stages of dementia. Grieving has been difficult as I was their executor and responsible for moving everything out of their place and settling all their affairs. My mom was a very organized hoarder so you can imagine ‘the stuff’. This process is over and above regular ‘life’ and at that time I was also babysitting our toddler grandson full time, and providing support to our thirty year old son who has autism. RUN DOWN! The blood tests and my physical appearance were a testimonial. I had been self-medicating all the wrong ways. I remember thinking over and over again, ‘I know I need to work out, but I am just so tired.’

In the year after my parents passed, our grandson started kindergarten which gave me time to focus on my own wellbeing. I wasn’t that well. I gained some ground but was now a caffeine and food addict; having wine with dinner about five times a week; and other than gardening and walking a bit, did not exercise. I weighed 190lbs, almost thirty pounds more than what I weighed when I was pregnant at full term with our first son.

I started feeling the strength results within the first week of starting Austan’s program. I could get s*** done again with this regained strength. For me, the food guide has not been hard to follow at all. Once I had the structure of knowing WHAT foods to steer clear of, it was easy to focus on all the good ones. One of the nice things about FITRx, is the connection with other women on the program and sharing of good food guide finds and recipes…tons of encouragement as well. At about half way in to FITRx, I noticed that I no longer have food cravings – I eat to stay alive, that’s it. Although the food guide allows unlimited coffee, I limit myself to one double shot of espresso in the morning. I am believing this to be easier on my pancreas – not 100% certain but it’s me, loving me around that diabetic part.

Last month, I went back to my doctor after two and a half months of FITRx, and he had to take a second look at my A1C reading as it was down more than three and a half points to 6.1. He said it was ‘perfect for a diabetic’ and was questioning whether I really was diabetic at all. Although the way I feel is what I am most proud of, I have lost thirteen and a quarter inches around my body overall and twenty-five pounds. Gaining back my energy has given me the strength to do everything I enjoy; and having FITRx available to me at home via Austan’s ‘FLEX’ program makes it easy to fit in to my schedule. Thanks for getting me my life back, Austan. xo. Our daughter Chelsea is signing up next round and my husband is waiting for the guys group to start.


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