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My lack of fitness started in 2017 after a injury that resulted in surgery, left me unable to walk with out crutches for about 3 months. I used this as an excuse to wallow in self pity it was an excuse to eat all of the junk food and drink all of the wine ( not even the good stuff the cheap stuff just because i “needed” it). Fast forward to the doc’s appointment where I was told I could walk with out my crutches, I was over the moon to be able to get back at it, but I had lost all motivation. As the months progressed, I just wasn’t able to put down the junk food or the wine so I  continued to wallow in the self pity and made excuses for myself. Eventually, I felt like I no longer knew the person I would see in the mirror. 

When starting the FITRx program back in January 2018, I was looking for something or anything to help my find my way again, and it really did just that for me. Was it easy? NO WAY! Did it get easier? SURE! Honestly, even a year later it’s still a challenge every day because the FITRx program pushes you to be the best version of yourself and helps you keep progressing. It doesnt matter if this is the 1st or 21st series, its always a challenge and why i am sticking with it.

Ive’ had great success with the FITRx program! Ive lost over 40 pounds, relieved my joint and knee pain, I have increased energy in my day to day life and I sleep better. My self care has now become a priority in my life. I take the time to listen and understand what my body needs from me. I am now able to find more healthy ways to handle stress. With FITRx, I still enjoy my wine every weekend, but i no longer NEED it.

Coach Austan, thank you so much for creating a space where women of all ages, back grounds, strengths and struggles can come together and feel safe, supported and best of all challenged. I look forward to contained success and personal growth from the program.


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