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I started FitRx in May 2018, at 4 months postpartum. One of the most significant things I have learned about myself in becoming a mama is the TREMENDOUS importance of self-care. I’ve tackled this in tons of different ways for myself and our family, but I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Austan and FitRx for motivating me to get on the fitness and nutrition bandwagon again (it was so long, I don’t even know how long the hiatus was…WELL before pregnancy!)

I don’t LOVE the gym, and I sure don’t feel like I prioritize the time to get there, so workouts at home while my son naps are a huge win in our house. We eat healthy, nutritious Whole30 meals around here AND I actually make a conscious effort to schedule workouts.

The program is phenomenal. Austan is 100% relatable and it absolutely makes ALL the difference. As a flex member (working out from home rather than in person), I feel like I have a huge group of people behind me the whole way. I am accountable to my fitness in ways that I haven’t been for YEARS.

In 3 short months, FitRx has changed my life (and my family’s life) for the better, in the way that we nourish ourselves and prioritize health and fitness, and we’re not looking back.


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