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My journey with Austan and her amazing Fitrx tribe began 6 short weeks ago. I was 5 months post partum after having my second baby. I only gained 25-30 lbs while pregnant with him but those last stubborn 10-15 were hanging on tight and I was addicted to carbs to help get me through the haze of those sleepless newborn months. It was your typical post partum diasterous combination of, stuck in a rut, taking care of everyone else first paired with that doom and gloom of trying to get used to a wiggly, jiggly postpartum body that no longer fit any clothing right, no matter what size I bought.

I had seen some posts about Fitrx from some other friends on my Facebook about how Austan was taking our community by storm, transforming woman not only physically but mentally and emotionally. So without even batting an eyelash or running it by hubby, I joined, paid and said Happy 30th Birthday to me! And boy have I reaped the rewards!

Not only has my body changed in these 6 shorts weeks. But my mind, my heart and my relationship with food. The doom and gloom is gone along with 2 inches from my waist and hips! I feel strong and motivated and HEALTHY! I feel supported and empowered to be my best self FOR myself! The knowledge and encouragement that I’ve gained from Austan and her tribe is priceless, they hold you accountable to plan ahead, eat right and get those work outs in.

Every single base is covered with Fitrx so that I had no choice but to succeed so long as I agreed to take the time for myself and I am so grateful that I joined! Truly a life changing tribe to be a part of and I can’t wait to see what another 6 weeks brings! Fitrx For Life


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