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Having been overweight most of my life, I had many reservations about trying another “program”. I’d lost weight before but nothing was ever sustainable; I’d always gain it back. I’ve never been anything close to fit. Exercise? Was I just going to make a fool of myself? I was 233 pounds of miserable and I needed to do something. My eating habits were out of control and I felt like crap!

In January 2018 I put my insecurities aside and signed up. I was horrified when I read the food guide. We relied so much on processed foods, fast food and other crap because of our busy lifestyle. I had at least a dozen excuses as to why this couldn’t work for me. The exercise was intimidating, my body hadn’t ever moved like that! But I had committed myself and was receiving so much encouragement, I had to at least try. In the first six weeks I seen amazing results. I had so much energy! I learned a great deal about nutrition and how to fuel my body.

Fast forward eight months and I’m so proud to say I’ve made a complete lifestyle change. I’m amazed by what my body can do! Food is my friend, exercise is my stress release and I no longer need to shop at plus size stores. I’ve gained so much muscle and strength, I don’t even recognize my body! I’m now 183lbs of healthy happy woman.

It feels so amazing to be a part of this tribe; Austan has created a program that goes so far beyond fitness and nutrition. My mental health has improved tremendously. I’m able to cope with stress and have gained self confidence. I’m no longer afraid to eat in public; I don’t wonder if people are looking at my back rolls behind me in a line up. I know they’re checking out my ass, and that’s okay because it’s pretty amazing. I’m not going to miss out on taking my kids to the beach, because I’ve worked hard to get this body where it is and I’m very proud of it. Any time I doubt that, there is literally a tribe of women telling me I’m amazing and to keep going.

My FitRx journey is far from over. I set new goals that go beyond the scale. Goals that I never imagined I could actually achieve, like the monkey bars! I wasn’t able to do the monkey bars as a kid, but I can now! I’m a work in progress but as long as I stick with FitRx I will always be making progress.

You will be inspired. You will work hard. You will be so proud of yourself. You won’t quit.


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