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Last November I had the privilege of going on a Mother/Daughter holiday to the Dominican. I was so excited to go and spend quality time with my daughter, relax, and take a breather from life. Prior to our trip I was feeling a bit anxious and nervous as I was worried what others would think of me wearing a bathing suit, was worried and anxious over my inability to walk any great distance due to the swelling and pain in my joints from my arthritis and to be honest, I was worried how I would feel being around others that would perhaps judge me or worse, be an embarrassment to my daughter. Upon our arrival I decided that I had to get out of my head, have fun and not worry what others might think as I did not want to ruin the trip. I honestly struggled very badly both mentally and physically during our trip, I had difficulties walking around, could not swim in the water for any length of time, could not participate in any of the physical/water activities the resort offered, and I was so incredibly disappointed and angry with myself for neglecting myself so badly.

It was at that moment I decided to make a change in my life and lose weight. Upon our return I did reach out to several gyms, private health clubs, personal trainers and weight loss programs. All the phone calls, emails and unanswered questions left me even more confused and honestly unsure which direction to head in so I decided not to bother. I felt my best option was to do nothing as I knew I could not mentally go down that rabbit hole again. Just when I had decided to give up I came across the FITRx post on Mission BC & Neighbours and thought to myself that this program might be good as it is a locally based business and it caters to women. I reached out to Austan and was so amazed at the honesty provided when answering all my questions. I was honest with Austan and explained that I was very overweight, had medical conditions and honestly did not know if I could physically do the program. Austan assured me that the program was designed to help women of all shapes and sizes, age did not matter and yes, physical limitations are to be expected and could easily be modified through out the program to help our individual needs.

My first session with FITRx was January of this year and I was at my heaviest weight ever. Not only was I classified as obese, I had extremely high blood pressure, was a diabetic in the process of becoming an insulin user, on full time arthritis medication, taking a high dose of Paxil (for over 10 years) and I had suffered a stroke in 2016. I was honestly in terrible shape both mentally and physically and I was so hoping that this program would be the answer I needed to help me get back on track.

I was absolutely terrified starting the program as I did not know what to expect and I was so embarrassed about my size, weight, looks and my lack of physicality that I honestly thought of quitting before I even started. I battled hard with myself and forced myself to show up to the first class work out. After being in class for only 5 or 10 minutes I was so shocked and surprised at the comfort level I felt. Yes, we were all different ages, sizes, shapes but most importantly Austan and these amazing women in class offered me support and encouragement every step of the way that class. I left that first class feeling that that there actually just might be a chance for me, I might fit in with the program and the women and most importantly I wanted to go back.

I am now 7 months into my journey with this program and have had huge success towards living a healthier lifestyle. I love the work outs, I now crave healthy real food, I have lost almost 60 pounds but most importantly I have been able to come off most of my medications. I no longer require full time arthritis medication, I did not have to start the insulin as after the first month the doctors saw a drastic decrease in my sugar levels. When I started the FITRx program in January, my average A1C level was 16.4 and by the end of February this year I had a drastic decrease to 8.4 which in return allowed me to avoid Insulin and start decreasing my metformin. I currently take the minimal dosage of Metformin as my last two readings have been in the 6.1 range. My blood pressure is now considered a normal level and I have successfully been weaned off Paxil. I use the work outs to release the stress, I think about what I am putting into my system to help nourish and energize it with healthy food. I do not crave the sugars, dairy or gluten like I did before, I am building up my confidence level and most importantly I am happy. I have set goals for myself and for the first time in many years I feel they are within my reach.

Austan has created such an empowering, motivating and obtainable program by applying her education, experience, research and knowledge into building a foundation that is REAL. No gimmicks, no white lies, no broken promises just facts and hard work. You will learn how to eat healthy and delicious foods that nourish our bodies, you will learn how to exercise to become strong, you will learn to listen to your body and put those needs first and you will absolutely gain confidence! The unconditional support, encouragement, and knowledge Austan brings to this program is truly amazing and nothing like I have ever encountered before.

You will be accepted for who you are by the other women in this program and you will have their support, laughter and encouragement every step of the way. These women will become such a huge part of your life and I know I am so incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of something so empowering and life changing.

Austan, I can not thank you enough for always going above and beyond with your continued support, encouragement, honesty, and most importantly…believing in me!


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